About Tab Lab

Hey, I am Scott. I am a professional Data Scientist and also have a PhD in Robotics.

Professionally, I work with large data sets (1 billion rows+) as well as smaller ones.

I created Tab Lab to make it really quick and easy to perform Data Science on small to medium size data sets, up to about 10m rows.

There are three main guiding principles of Tab Lab:

  1. Most data sets are under 10 million rows and we can get really good insights from them
  2. Discovering insights quickly and sharing them is often more important then analysing bigger data sets
  3. Data analysis should be accessible to a wider group of people. People have different background knowledge and can find different kinds of insights from the same data set.

You don't need "big data" for company changing insights

There is a lot of buzz around "big data" and that sort of thing. But in reality, most data sets are under 10 million rows and can easily be analysed on a single computer, or even in the browser.

For example, the flights 1m dataset has 1 million rows but is only 6MB in size. It can be analysed on a local computer or in the web browser.