Embed a dataset in your website

Embed Dataset

Enable your users to view and explore the dataset inside of Tab Lab.

Works with .csv, .parquet, .arrow, .json and .tsv files on the internet

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How to Embed a Dataset on Your Website

1. Upload Your Dataset to Your CMS

Upload your dataset to the internet. Upload it to your CMS (e.g. Wordpress) if you are using a CMS.

You can skip this step if the dataset is already available on the internet.

2. Get the URL to Your Dataset

Copy the url to your dataset.

3. Add the URL to the Embed Dataset Card at the Top of This Page

The dataset embed tool will automatically generate a link that you can put on your website.

4. Copy the Embed Link to Your Dataset

Click the "Copy Link" button to get the embeddable link to your dataset.

When someone clicks the embeddable link on your website the dataset will open in Tab Lab. This makes it really easy for your users to view and explore the dataset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Free to Embed a Dataset

Yes it is free, we don't charge you or your users for using embedded datasets.

Why Is Dataset Embedding Free

Tab Lab is trying to help as many people as possible to work with tabular data (like csv files) as possible.

We can help more people with their tabular data by making this dataset embedding free.