Query TSV with SQL

Query TSV in seconds using this free online SQL tool

Accepts tsv

Query your data with SQL

Works with large files

DuckDB SQL Dialect

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Online TSV SQL tool features

Tab Lab's online SQL tool is extremely easy to use. We have made the process very quick and simple. Just upload your data and write SQL to query your data.

Query using DuckDB SQL

Lightning fast

Run custom analysis

Query data from Google Drive

Filter and export your results

Works online

How to query your TSV data with SQL in 4 easy steps

Tab Lab online SQL tool
  1. Upload your data
  2. Write your SQL query
  3. Click run, or press control+enter to run the query
  4. View and export the results

Supercharge your data exploration

Open tsv files straight from your desktop


Share and embed

Share your graphs and data sets.

Share your graphs and data sets. Or embed them directly into web pages.

Work straight from Google Drive

Open tsv files directly from Drive, Gmail and Classroom by installing the Google Workspace App