Parquet Tools

Use these online Parquet Tools to work with your Parquet files

Parquet Tools Functionality

These Parquet Tools allow you to view, convert and analyze Parquet files. They are useful if you are writing or debugging code that works with Parquet files.

The tools run in your browser. This means that you don't need to install anything and they will work on Windows, Mac, Linux and even ChromeOS(!).

What Parquet Tools Are Available

Frequently Asked Questions

What Tool Reads Parquet Files

The Parquet Viewer is the easiest way to read and view a Parquet File.

You can also use the SQL tool to query a Parquet file with SQL. Or the Explore tool to analyse the data in your Parquet file.

How Do I Install Parquet Tools

These tools are online and don't need to be installed. These Parquet Tools will run in your browser on any major Operating System including Windows, OSX, Linux, Android and ChromeOS.

You can choose to install the Progressive Web App (PWA) version of this site by clicking the install button in the header. The PWA still runs in your browser so does not require any special permissions to install. Installing the PWA just means that you will be able to open a Parquet file from your computer by double clicking it.